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1-A Committee will be formed at the A G M which will meet on a regular basis to deal with League matters and disputes. The Committee's decision to be binding to all parties involved.

2-Entry fee to be paid before the A G M Entry fee also includes knockout fee Entry fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.

3-Home teams must provide adequate premises for matches with access to bar and toilets.

4-Home team must ensure that playing cards are in good condition and marking boards are clearly marked with pegs.

5-Matches to be played on Thursday evenings, unless otherwise stated. The Fixture Secretary to be informed of any rearranged fixture.

6-Time of starting games to be 8-15 p m but no later than 8-30 pm.Any later start to be reported to the Committee in writing.

7-Home teams to supply TWO result cards to be signed by BOTH Captains and dated as fixture list. Both team Captains are to be held responsible for the return of their own cards to the fixture secretary.For the results to appear within the current week on the website or the local paper cards must be returned by 6pm on the Saturday after the game has been played

8-League is to be run on the basis of two points for the winner, in cases of a tie at the end of the season the team with the highest score on points system will become section winner. Section winners and runners up will play off at a venue and on a date decided by the committee at the end of the season.

9-Twenty one points to a game, nine games to a match, six players to a team, minimum age 16.Visitors move after each game. Same six players to play all games in match.

10-If more than one team is running for a House A B C must be adopted and clearly shown on result cards, unless otherwise agreed at the A G M. There must always be a majority of named team members,that is four or more,as registered with the league fixtures secretary at the beginning of the season or added during the season.

11-When a team member has previously played for one house he/she cannot play for another house in the League unless notice is given in writing to the Fixture Secretary and acknowledgment received.

12-The dealer will deal the cards-4 three's and then 4 two's and then will turn the top card face up and have the chance of picking up the upturned card and making his call,or passing by saying_*PASS *_and only _*PASS *_the remaining players to use the word *_PASS_* knocking the table etc is not acceptable.

13-The dealer MUST be the first player to pick up his/her cards and all other cards MUST remain face down on the table until the dealer has made his/her call. Other cards are then to be picked up and called in turn. 14-All cards to be played out at all times with no exception.

14 All cards to be played out at all times with no exception

15-Each player is entitled to one shout in turn in either the first or second rounds with the exception that a player cannot down his/her partner if his/her partner has called trumps and any card picked up or ordered up must be played at all times.

16-A lone call four points for five tricks, one point if three or four tricks are taken.

17-Two points for a euchre four points for a euchre alone taking all five tricks.

18-When the dealer has dealt the cards, should a card be either face up or wrongly dealt it will be classed as a misdeal. Two misdeals by the same dealer and the cards will be passed to the next dealer.

19-If a benny is turned up the dealer will call trumps before looking at his/her cards and pick up calling with a partner or alone.

20-If a team member in a house is unable to play for any reason, any house member may take his/her place, provided they have not played for any other house in the League within the season.There must always be a majority of named team members, that is four or more,as registered with the league fixture secretary at the beginning of the season or added during the season.

21-If a team withdraws during during the first half of the season,all fixtures must be cancelled whether played or not.If the withdrawal occurs in the second half of the season the first half results stand and only the second half reults must be cancelled ehether played or not.

22-In the event of postponing a fixture the opposing team MUST be notified 48 hours prior to the match wherever possible.

23-All fixtures postponed must be fulfilled within 14 days of the due date or at the discretion of the committee.Any defaulting teams may be barred from the league for the following season. Fixture Secretary to be notified of the re-arranged match.

24-The league results will be updated regularly on the website

25-First team in every section to play off for the Hedley Richards Cup and other Pepetual Cups with in trophies for six players to be paid for by the league. Runners up in each section will play off for perpetual trophies and will receive an individual trophy for each of the six players also paid for by the league.. Teams with the highest game average throughout the season will receive a house cup and six individual cups, runners up also to be paid for by the league, Perpetual cups will be held by the winning side until the end of the season or until demanded.

26-Any extra individual trophies must be paid for before presentation night.

27-All complaints or disputes must be sent in writing to the secretary to be investigated by the Committee with the exception of committee members who can raise any point verbally which may be connected to the league.

28-All rules are subject to recommended alterations by the committee as and when deemed necessary to be passed at the AGM.

29-A complete team of six players must attend a fixture.

30-All entry forms, remittance and Registration forms for the new season to be sent to the treasurer by the notified date stated on the entry form specified by the committee.

31-The committee has the power to bar any person from the League whose conduct is found to be detrimental to the League. All team players will abide by the rules of the League and act in a respectful manner at all times. If a dispute arises, where a team member does not follow these conditions and the team captains cannot agree a solution, the match may be abandoned. A letter from each captain stating their case, must be sent to the Fixture Secretary, who will relay a solution to both teams.

32-Late registration of players must be put in writing to the Fixture Secretary with result card by the following Monday.

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Please remember if you wish to see your results up to date return your cards to me by Saturday following Thursday nights game

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