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The way we play

An introduction into the way we play Euchre in our league.We have an average of 50 teams of 6 players playing on a Thursday evening.

The 6 players in the team are divided into three pairs and each pair play 3 games of 21 points.

Each team plays 9 games in an evening and the winners are the team that wins 5 or more games out of the 9. The winning team is awarded two points.

As you can see in our League tables the points and games won are added weekly and at the end of the season the team with the most points are the section winners.

The exception to this is if two or more teams have the same number of points, it is the team with the highest number of games won who are the winners.

Very occasionally we have more than two teams with the same number of points and games won. In the event of this happening, each team plays the others to decide the final positions.

The pack is made up of 25 cards, with the Joker (Benny) being the highest value card, followed by the Jacks (Bowers) down to the nine.

The following is an example of a good Euchre hand of hearts in order of value:-


The same would apply to the other three suits with the exception that the Jacks (bowers) would alter on each occasion.

The first deal is for who starts the play. There is no hard and fast rule as to who deals first but whoever deals will offer the cards to the player on the right to cut.

(This can sometimes be a bit of a grey area as some Euchre schools allow tapping of the cards' or bumping. We prefer the cards cut well into the pack to keep them well mixed up)

The dealer will then deal a single card face up to each player starting with the player to the left until a Jack of any suit is turned up. The player receiving the Jack is the person who starts the main play.

The start player or dealer offers the cards to the player on the right to cut and then starting with the player on the left deals each player 3 cards on the first round and two cards on the second round.

The remaining cards are placed face down on the table and the top card is turned face up.

The card turned up is now the active card on which players can make trumps. In the St Austell League the dealer is always the first player to call or shout.

The dealer can now pick up his/her cards and look at them. The rest of the players cards remain face down on the table.

The dealer can now choose to pick the card up with a partner, or turn their partner down by saying "I'll go alone "or "Pass" if the card is not wanted. If the dealer decides to pick the card up he cannot now be turned down as the card picked up must be played.

If the dealer passes, the opposition player to their left can now pick up their own cards and either order the dealer to pick up the card and play, with or without a partner or say "Pass"

If this player also passes, the dealers partner can now pick up their own cards and decide to either pass or turn the active card down. If the active card is turned down the player will have to go alone.

If this player also decides to pass, it is up to the final player to pick up their cards and choose to either order the dealer to pick the card up and play with or without a partner, or pass.

If all the players pass on the first round the active card is turned face down on the pack or (sleeping hand) and each player, starting with the dealer can decide to pass or make trumps of any suit they wish, except for the suit that was passed on the first round.

If all players pass on the first and second round that deal is finished and the deal goes to the player on the dealers left.

The object of the game is to be the first pair to reach 21 points and the following is how the points are scored.

A lone shout making all 5 tricks = 4 points.

A lone shout making 3 or 4 tricks = 1 point.

A lone shout making less than 3 tricks is a euchre and 2 points are awarded to the opposing team.

A shout with a partner, making all 5 tricks = 2 points.

A shout with a partner making 3 or 4 tricks = 1 point.

A shout with a partner making less than 3 tricks is a euchre and 2 points are awarded to the opposing team

The aim of the St Austell and District Euchre League is to provide organized euchre playing for as many people as want to play on a Thursday night in a friendly and relaxing environment.

TOP Small jack of diamonds Small jack of hearts Small joker Small jack of spades Small jack of clubs


Please remember if you wish to see your results up to date return your cards to me by Saturday following Thursday nights game

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A typical 21 point euchre board as used in our league.

our euchre scoreboard

Rule 14-All cards to be played out at all times with no exception.

Rule 18-When the dealer has dealt the cards, should a card be either face up or wrongly dealt it will be classed as a misdeal. Two misdeals by the same dealer and the cards will be passed to the next dealer.

Rule 19-If a benny is turned up the dealer will call trumps before looking at his/her cards and pick up calling with a partner or alone.